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Five Ideas

Deconstruct the experience. What are the three acts of this story? What were the teacher moves? How is it different than the same kind of problem in a textbook?

LinkThree-Act Math

Finish the Story

Popcorn Picker

Which acts are missing? What media or information would you need to gather to turn these partial stories into complete math problems?

LinkYou Pour, I Choose

LinkDueling Discounts

LinkFinals Week

LinkSplit Time

LinkFile Cabinet

LinkLeaky Faucet

LinkSuper Bear

LinkPrint Job

LinkSugar Packets


  1. Take our survey. Was this useful? What can we do to continue to support your work?
  2. Create a three-act rates task using a situation from your own life.
  3. Help yourself to the resources below.

LinkDan Meyer’s Three-Act Math Tasks